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Portable Lift for Electric Wheelchairs to Put in the Car

Portable Lift for Electric Wheelchairs to Put in the Car

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Operation Steps:
1. Depress the brakes of the casters around to the end so that the casters will not turn and rotate.
Lock condition Unlock condition
2.Put the load on the hoisting platform, adjust the length of the safety belt and fasten it to ensure safety.
3.Press the UP or DOWN button to raise and lower the elevator. Release the key to stop.
Lock The length of the seat belt can beadjusted by adjusting the position of the buckle
4 Safety Precautions
1. Before use, please check whether all parts are complete and stable to ensure
2. When hoisting heavy objects, please adjust the hoist to a suitable height before
using it, and then put the heavy objects on the hoist to increase the lifespan of the
3. Before use, please ensure that the load is stable and the center of gravity is on the
hoisting platform
4. Make sure the wheels are locked when the hoist is working.
5. Do not use hoists on sloped ground
6. Do not use hoists on uneven ground.

Size(L*W*H) 750*480*240~910 mm

Packing Size 490*250*760 mm

G.W 12Kg

Wheel(4pcs) 2 inch medical Mute Casters wheel

Side wheel (2pcs) 1.5 inch medical Mute Casters wheel

Max Load capacity 50 Kg

Motor power 4000N

Battery 24V 5.0Ah lithium Charger 24V2A

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