• What kind of batteries are in the Culver?

There are two leak-free Lithium-Ion batteries in Culver. These are 240Wh (24 volts / 10 amp)

  • How often can I charge Culver?

You can charge as often as you like. The battery cannot be overcharged, and the charger goes into power-saving mode when the battery is fully charged.

  • How often should I charge it?

Charge as soon as the battery charge level has dropped to one-third (three lights are on). If you want to charge more often it’s fine, the battery does not take damage from it.

  • How long does it take to charge the battery?

Charging an empty battery takes about 3 hours.

  • Can I charge the batteries when it’s cold?

Yes, you can charge the battery down to minus 10 degrees Co. If you charge at a colder temperature than -10, it is still possible to charge but the batteries will not be fully charged.

  • Is the range affected if it is cold outside?(MODEL COBRA-NINJA)

Yes, if you use your CULVER in minus degrees the range can be affected. At minus 10 degrees the mileage can be reduced by up to 50%.

  • What safeguards are there if you need to leave this outside a store?

The wheelchair is a portable model, to be able to leave it safely outside standard bicycle locks/chains can be purchased separately and used. 

  • The picture showed looks like you can pull it along like a carry-on bag. Is that a good description?

Yes, this model can be switched to manual mode and pulled along like a carry-on. The battery is also detachable. It can be taken into flights. 

  • Does this unit come with a battery recharger?

Yes, the unit comes with everything you need to start it operating: the wheelchair, lithium battery, and charger. 

  • Questions about Charging?

Start by turning off your wheelchair (all lamps at the joystick should be off). Use only Culver original chargers.

Plug the charger into the socket on the front of the joystick. Be sure that the position of the contacts matches. Then plug the charger power cord into a socket.

Charging is indicated by a lamp on the charger. A red lamp means charging is in progress. After about three hours, the batteries are charged to 90 percent. The chair can now be used again.

After about 5-8 hours the lamp on the charger turns green and the batteries are fully charged. During charging, the charger itself becomes warm, and this is perfectly normal.

For maximum battery life, charging should take about five hours when the stack of the battery indicator at the joystick goes down to one-third (when three of the lights are green). The batteries do not damage the maintenance charge, but for maximum life, we recommend that you disconnect the charger when the batteries are fully charged.

You can charge the battery down to minus 10 degrees. If you charge at a colder number than -10, it is still possible to charge but the batteries will not be fully charged.

  • Can it be used in a tight place like apartments?

Depends on how open it is.

  • Are there any attachments available, like a tray or cup holder?

The additional universal wheelchair attachments or accessories can be purchased online separately. 

  • What is the weight limit on this chair?

The maximum weight capacity is 365 lbs. Please do also consider the following the Seat Width (Between Arm Rests): 16.9". 

  • If something gets wrong in the future, where to get help?


  • Is this hard to fold up?

No, you just lift feet part to the top and it folds. The only thing is you have to disengage the wheels so you can roll it. Because it is motor use it needs to be locked to use. We use the bungee cord to hold it together. You will love it. 

  • Are there any attachments available, like a tray or cup holder?

The universal standard wheelchair attachments can be found on the marketplace to add on. 

  • Is the angle of the back adjustable?

The back seat is supported with soft velcro tied cloth; the velcro ties can be adjusted, but the back seat frame angle is not adjustable to allow stable usage by folding and unfolding as needed. 

  • Can this be charged outside of the U.S., e.g. Canada or Europe? Would it need a special charger?

There is nothing to pay if the person uses the chair until boarding the plane. 

  • The wheelchair arrives, it has one red light, two yellow lights, and two green lights. When it is fully charged, do I see the same lights or 5 green lights?

When it’s full charge all lights on the gauge red, yellow and green will be on. When the charge goes lower, the green light will disappear and when it goes lower, the yellow light will disappear and only the red light will remain and that’s when you would recharge it. 

  • Must the battery be removed to fold the wheelchair?

No, the wheelchair can be folded just fine when the battery is on. Its compact design hides battery when folded. 

  • Can I get it in silver color?


  • How do I add a second battery or is it included?

This model comes with one battery that gives the equivalent range as the other models with 2 smaller batteries. You can ride 13 miles of range with one full charge. A second battery could be purchased separately to be used as a replacement. The battery is detachable by hand so switching batteries don't require any tools. Normal day to day operations one battery would be sufficient

  • Can it go on the beach?

This model is designed to go on grass, ramp, rick, muddy, snow, bumpy roads. Beach environment requires specialty wheelchairs that do not go the regular indoor/outdoor environments mentioned.

  • Is this chair able to fit under the kitchen/dining room tables?

The seat height from the ground is 21 inches and both armrests can be swung away; as long as the table clearance is higher than 21 inches, the wheelchair will fit under the tables. 

  • Is an extended warranty available?

We do have 1 years parts replacement warranty on our electric wheelchairs. 

  • I am only 3'1" tall dwarfism adult 100lbs. with short arms and legs can the joystick come in closer, footrest support 50lbs medical equipment.

The joystick controller is removable from the armrest it's attached with a hand screw. The special adjustment can be by the buyers. The additional equipment and attachments vary for each case; we recommend buyers with special needs to try the wheelchair out. For any other specific questions please reach to our customer service

  • Is this unit waterproof?

Yes, the unit can be used in all weather conditions outdoors. The common care for electric motors and electronic parts recommended. 

  • Seat width is 18', but the armrests are 13' apart?

Yes, the seat between the armrests when it's measured from inside is conservatively 13". When measurement includes the armrests, measured from outside it's 18".

  • Can it be used in a tight place like apartments?

Yes, this model has a compact design for indoor and outdoor usage as well as for traveling. I can also turn around itself wouldn’t require extra space while turning. 

  • Does it come assembled?

It’s all assembled, all you would need to do is to place the joystick whichever side you like and hand tightens it. Once you charge your wheelchair, it’s ready to use; really simple. 

  • Can this be used as a wheelchair and/or walker for exercise?

Wheelchair only

  • When I charge it should turn it off when I see no light 0n when it is charging? if I turn it on when it is changing I see the lights are moving.

Yes, the power button will turn off the lights but the charging will continue as long as it’s plugged in. When you turn it on while plugged in, you should see the lights moving from red to green indicating the charging. When you unplug the cord from the joystick, you would see the level of charge on the led light gauge; Red being low, Yellow being medium and Green being full charge respectively.

  • How fast does it go?

The maximum speed is less than 5 miles per hour. It also has 3-speed levels to adjust to the most comfortable speed for the user. 

  • Does this chair have a seatbelt?

The wheelchair doesn't come with one, but you can purchase a "universal electric wheelchair seat belt" separately. 

  • Where is the origination point? By what method is the chair shipped?

We are shipping out of Santa Ana, California, and we do use FedEx -UPS Ground / Home Delivery which is an estimated 3-5 days delivery depending on the distance. Expedited shipping is also available.

  • What are the tires made of?

The front tires are solid, wear-resisting. The back tires are inflatable, wear-resisting 

  • Is there a better/different footrest that we can buy for it? The one it comes with makes you have to sit in the chair from the side.

The compact design of this model requires the footrest to be static; the armrests on both sides can be a swing away for easy access. 

  • Could you get this item with a 22” seat?

The only available seat width is currently 16.9”. We are looking to add a larger seat model in the feature. 

  • Also, does the footrest fold up to be to enter and exit the seat, can a portable one-sided laptop or tray rest place on the armrest?

The footrest folds up to make it compact during travel or pulling as a carry-on. The arms rest swing away on both sides for easy access. The additional universal wheelchair attachments or accessories can be purchased separately and used. 

  • Does this come with a manufacturer's warranty? If so, how long does that warranty apply?

Our wheelchairs have 2 years parts replacement warranty excluding the lithium battery which has longer life term. 

  • Sell by prescription? Folded dimensions?

No prescription is needed. The folded wheelchair fits in its original box size: 30” L x 16” W x 30” H, which is smaller than a standard Sedan car trunk 

  • Do the footrests swing away as with many wheelchairs? It seems they are in a fixed state which might make getting out of the chair difficult.

Thanks for the question. Yes, the footrests swing away to allow the user to get out easily in case it's needed. The design of the chair is made to be easy usage and control.

  • Do they make this in a 14in for pediatric?

Seat width is standard 16 inches from armrest to armrest; the inner area can be padded with a cushion to allow comfort.

  • If you are out on the trail and batteries go dead, can you disengage drive wheels (does it have a neutral) to push your way back?

Yes, the wheelchair has a neutral/manual mode which you can easily switch to. It allows attendance to push it. 

  • Are the armrests removable or flip back for transferring?

This model folds sideways so armrests are stationed with the frame; the footrests are removable, and they swing away for easy access.

  • Are there different wheels you can get? I have had problems with this type of wheel sliding.

It comes with standard 16 inches size antiskid all-terrain back wheels which shouldn’t slide. 

  • Can a second battery be added for more travel?

The wheelchair is not designed to hold a second battery as it has a compact design to be lightweight and folding. It's made of durable materials and the battery is fixed. When the battery wears out, it can certainly be replaced with a new one. 

  • Can the controller be placed on the left side?

Yes, it can be placed on either side. 

  • Are the front tires pneumatic or foam-filled?

Front tires are foam-filled and back tires are pneumatic. 

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