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Folding Electric Wheelchair NINJA - Heavy Duty, 20 Miles-1 Battery 550lbs -1000W

Folding Electric Wheelchair NINJA - Heavy Duty, 20 Miles-1 Battery 550lbs -1000W

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Ninja folding electric wheelchair by Culver Mobility is a mobility device designed to provide enhanced freedom and independence to individuals with limited mobility. These wheelchairs are equipped with an electric motor that allows the user to move effortlessly without manual propulsion. The key feature of a folding electric wheelchair is its ability to be compactly folded for easy transport and storage, making it convenient for users who need to travel or have limited storage space.

folding electric wheelchair

Features and benefits

  1. Portability: The folding mechanism allows the wheelchair to be collapsed into a more compact size, making it easier to transport in a car trunk or store in a smaller space when not in use.

  2. Electric Power: The electric motor assists the user in propelling the wheelchair, reducing the physical effort required to move around. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals with limited upper body strength.

  3. Maneuverability: Electric wheelchairs typically have a smaller turning radius, allowing users to navigate tight spaces and maneuver in crowded environments with ease.

  4. Adjustable Settings: Many folding electric wheelchairs come with adjustable settings for speed and sensitivity, allowing users to customize their driving experience to suit their needs and preferences.

  5. Battery Powered: These wheelchairs are powered by rechargeable batteries, which can be charged overnight for a full day of use. Some models even offer the option to carry an extra battery for extended travel.

  6. Comfort and Accessibility: Most folding electric wheelchairs are designed with user comfort in mind, featuring padded seats, adjustable armrests, and footrests. They also offer easy access for users to get in and out of the chair.

  7. Safety Features: Modern electric wheelchairs are equipped with safety features such as anti-tip wheels, seatbelts, and electromagnetic brakes to ensure the user's safety during operation.

  8. Diverse Models: There are various models and designs of folding electric wheelchairs available on the market, catering to different needs and preferences. Some are lightweight for easy handling, while others may have more robust features for outdoor use.

  9. Range: The range of a folding electric wheelchair on a single battery charge can vary, but many models offer a sufficient distance for everyday activities.

  10. User-Friendly Controls: The control system is typically user-friendly, with joystick-style controllers or touchpad controls that are easy to operate.

Folding electric wheelchairs provide individuals with mobility challenges the opportunity to lead more independent and active lives. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, making them versatile solutions for a wide range of situations. When considering a folding electric wheelchair, it's essential to assess individual needs, including factors like weight capacity, battery range, and terrain requirements, to select the right model for your specific needs.

More Features

  • Max Weight Capacity: 550lbs
  • Maximum Speed: up to 5 mph
  • Ground Clearance: 3”
  • Grade Ability: 25”
  • Turning Radius: 39”
  • Unfolded Dimensions: 40.5" x 26.5" x 47"
  • Folded Size: 19.6" x 26.5” x 32.8"
  • Seat Dimensions(H*W*D):0”-10” x 21" x 19"
  • Adjustable Armrest Height: 0"- 10” Seat Back Height: 20"
  • Per Battery Weight: 7 lbs
  • Fits in small Cars
  • Improved Durability, Larger Front (9.5") and Rear Wheels (14")
  • Suspension: 6 pieces
  • Motor: 500W x 2, rear-wheel drive and steering
  • Brakes: Intelligent braking (electronic, regenerative disc brakes)
  • Seat Height (with Cushion): 23
  • Drive Distance: 1 Batteries up to 20 Miles
  • Per Battery Capacity: 24V 20Ah
  • Manual mode switch allows caregiver push the chair
  • Seat Cushion Thickness:4”
  • Two Storage Baskets (Back and Bottom)
  • Base Weight (without Batteries): 90 lbs
  • Brake System: Intelligent Electromagnetic Brake
  • Joystick: Left, Right Or Backrest
  • USB Port Built in Joystick can charge Smart Phones
  • Manual mode switch allows caregiver push the chair

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