All Models - Cup Holder
Keep your drinks nearby with our new style cup holder. It fastens easily and securely to your Culver Mobility electric wheelchair. Features flexible width from 2.5" to 3.5" diameter to hold most beverages and keeps a firm grip on your...
All Models - Protective Travel Bag
This heavy duty canvas travel bag is a must if you want to make sure the airlines don't scratch your brand new travel wheelchair. Simply fold your Culver Mobility and put this bag overtop. It fastens securely underneath with Velcro and...
Leon, Leopard & Pars - Controller Joystick
Comes with a 2 year warranty and is compatible with both our Leon, Leopard, and Pars models.
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Lean Leopard & Pars - Back Joystick Holder, Care Giver Mount
Our new multi-position care giver mount can position the joystick on the back of your Culver Mobility for a caregiver to drive and steer your power chair. Allows the care giver to walk behind the chair comfortably. The new design...
Leon - Elevating / Adjustable Leg Extension
Ideal for those that have trouble bending their knees or taller customers. These extensions add up to nearly 20" of length with a soft calf pad. They are fully adjustable for angles and extended lengths. It is for Cobra, Leon,...
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Leon, Pars & Leopard - Controller Joystick Programmer
Joystick Programmer  The  Joystick Programmer allows the user to make up to 15 different control variations to their Culver Mobility. This programmer is compatible with all models. Variations include acceleration, deceleration, maximum speed, turning speeds, braking distance, and many more....
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Leon & Pars - Replacement Battery
Fits both LEON  and PARS  models.  24V x 6Ah lithium ion battery. Comes with a 1 year warranty. Rated for up to 1000 charges! Our Culver Mobility's come standard with two batteries, but a spare can never hurt!
Leopard, Force, Pars & Leon - Flexible Phone Holder
Our most popular and must have gadget, this phone holder features a flexible base and 360 degree rotation to ensure you've got the right angle. It also can be fit a wide range of smartphones from 3.5 to 6" screen...
Leopard, Pars & Leon Adjustable Headrest
Our headrest can be positioned in multiple locations and angles ensuring the users full comfort. The headrest if 14" wide, 5" in height and 3.5" thick. Each side can be contoured in to comfort the head. Features a removable and...
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